Welcome to our contact page. This is the place where you can share any tips, feedback, problems and troubles you might encounter on our site. Or just tell us that you like Pisshamster, that would make our day even better 🙂

A little background first. As piss porn enthusiasts, we found out there is lack of sites that focus purely on our fetish and while general free tubes might be just fine, we wanted something better. And that’s why we created Pisshamster as a go-to tube site for peeing porn videos. While we try to keep our site as clean as possible from unrelated videos, it’s not 100% possible to avoid those. If you find a video that you think doesn’t belong here, feel free to use report button under the video and we will check it and do appropriate action. Same goes for low quality videos etc. We are doing our best to meet both quality and quantity, but you know it’s not without compromises. And that’s why we love our community who always help us by reporting or liking videos and thus giving us signal what content is good and what we should delete right away.

Enjoy your stay and let us know about anything we can improve

Our company is based in Germany. Specifically on Am Treptower Park 75, 12435 Berlin, Germany. If you would like to contact us, please use the contact form above as it’s the fastest way to process all requests and feedback for us. Our office opening hours are 8:30-17:00, but our site is online 24/7 of course 🙂

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